#StartUpSelfie #21

So it’s #FBF and we are back in the winter wonderland that is Tallinn. I know I have been slacking with the stories coming from that startup community (because of many ongoing activities), but in the following days you will be able to read them all….


#StartUpSelfie #20

Spring is hereeeee as well as the second part of #StartUpSelfie with Franck Nouyrigat focusing on his work with the #MKstartups community, during the past two weeks. In the previous one Franck shared his story about #StartUpWeekend and his new startup recorp. I had the pleasure to…


#StartupSelfie #19

So it has been a busy period in the #MKstartups community. Franck Nouyrigat has been working with different actors during the past 10 days and soon we will share his learnings and experience. In mean time, before Franck‘s arrival, I had the pleasure to meet another…


#StartUpSelfie #18 w #StartUpWeekend’s Franck

Startup Weekend Skopje for me was the first ‘startup event’ I have attended in my hometown. September 2014 and I remember it like it was yesterday… It was a turning point for many people I have met there, as well for me. What kind of…