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#StartUpSelfie #37: Why wait on disrupting your own market?

Starting the year with a story coming from my community. Lately we have witnessed a female positivity movement, because even in 2017 it is still a mans world, not only in politics, but also when it comes to entrepreneurship, tech, digital. It is about time we…


#StartUpSelfie #36

Something about Blockchain and everything around it I just can’t figure out. The more I try to get informed, the less I know, it seems… The FinTech industry was under the loop throughout 2016 and even though many say all this is 10 plus years…



She’s super cool, she uses AI so you can be more productive, she’s your personal superhero… Meet Lucy, a chatbot that cares about you and she’s always with you on your smartphone via Letz for iOS and Android. This past period the hype was around the team behind…


#StartUpSelfie #20

Spring is hereeeee as well as the second part of #StartUpSelfie with Franck Nouyrigat focusing on his work with the #MKstartups community, during the past two weeks. In the previous one Franck shared his story about #StartUpWeekend and his new startup recorp. I had the pleasure to…


#StartupSelfie #19

So it has been a busy period in the #MKstartups community. Franck Nouyrigat has been working with different actors during the past 10 days and soon we will share his learnings and experience. In mean time, before Franck‘s arrival, I had the pleasure to meet another…


#StartUpSelfie #18 w #StartUpWeekend’s Franck

Startup Weekend Skopje for me was the first ‘startup event’ I have attended in my hometown. September 2014 and I remember it like it was yesterday… It was a turning point for many people I have met there, as well for me. What kind of…


#SEweek16 Supporting the #MKstartups community via #StartUpSelfie

Startup Europe Week an initiative of Startup Europe and European Commission, that aims to put a spotlight on everything the regions are doing (and can do) to support European entrepreneurs. Startup communities from 40+ countries, 200+ cities around Europe have joined forces and celebrated entrepreneurship in a…


#Storytelling through #StartUpSelfie in 2015

Several months ago, when I just had this idea about blogging for startups I never have imagined that in just short period I would travel to so many interesting places and meet amazing people. Now, when I look back at it, I am proud to…


#StartUpSelfie #12

Several days ago I was headed to Zagreb, Croatia with a group of friends and startup enthusiasts from my hometown. We were super excited for the Balkan Venture Forum and also eager to see who will win at the Pioneers of the Balkans grand finale….


#Storytelling via #StartUpSelfie

Saturday morning, all set and ready for my first course about Storytelling and how to write for international media. I was very excited about helding a course on this topic and also meeting the participants that are eager to learn tips and tricks about storytelling….