Some months ago, while I was going through my e-mail, I’ve noticed a subject line – Free Women in Tech tickets for Web Summit. Being a Startup Associate at Girls in Tech Macedonia,  I double checked this information and even though it was so many months…


#StartUpSelfie #32

Seems like up till now, mainly I’ve been exploring startup communities in capital cities across Europe. Because there the ‘action’ happens and usually other cities are not as active on the startup map. But, I was really excited for my next journey, to a country I’ve never been before….


#StartUpSelfie #14

So, in the previous #StartUpSelfie we talked about how it is to be a foreigner in Finland. In this one, we will see how a (born and raised in) Helsinki guy, makes his way in the London startup scene. Their headquarters are in London, but they also…


#StartUpSelfie #8

Soon as I finished with my work at Yazane, I rushed through the door for my second meeting for that day. I needed to go from Karaköy back to Bebek, so this time around I was advised to take the bus to get there faster. However…