#StartUpSelfie #36

Something about Blockchain and everything around it I just can’t figure out. The more I try to get informed, the less I know, it seems… The FinTech industry was under the loop throughout 2016 and even though many say all this is 10 plus years…


#StartUpSelfie #32

Seems like up till now, mainly I’ve been exploring startup communities in capital cities across Europe. Because there the ‘action’ happens and usually other cities are not as active on the startup map. But, I was really excited for my next journey, to a country I’ve never been before….


#StartUpSelfie #18 w #StartUpWeekend’s Franck

Startup Weekend Skopje for me was the first ‘startup event’ I have attended in my hometown. September 2014 and I remember it like it was yesterday… It was a turning point for many people I have met there, as well for me. What kind of…


#Storytelling through #StartUpSelfie in 2015

Several months ago, when I just had this idea about blogging for startups I never have imagined that in just short period I would travel to so many interesting places and meet amazing people. Now, when I look back at it, I am proud to…


#StartUpSelfie #4

September 2014. Exactly one year since I first met this guy at the third edition of SWSkopje. Even though there he got valuable expert’s advice, (about his then “CoffeeBreakCourses” idea), which lead to his yearlong process of idea transformation, to gathering the right team, to getting…


Story about my city… Startup Skopje

Skopje is my hometown. I always try to present it in the best way possible, so this time I will share a different, new and super cool story about my city. The startup life in Skopje through my experience. The reason for this blog post is to…