She’s super cool, she uses AI so you can be more productive, she’s your personal superhero… Meet Lucy, a chatbot that cares about you and she’s always with you on your smartphone via Letz for iOS and Android. This past period the hype was around the team behind…



So many things are going on in August. You would think that people take their summer vacation, but I guess not in Macedonia… Before the #BalkanChangeMakers‘ WKND, I decided to stop by the beautiful village of Velestovo, overlooking the dark blue water of Ohrid Lake and…


#StartUpSelfie #34

Super excited I get, when I’m on a mission to discover a new startup community. Especially when it comes to the Balkan countries. There is something special about this region that always surprises me and travelling to these countries is always an adventure. Even though I’m born…


#StartUpSelfie #33

Soon as I got introduced to the Brno startup scene, by the lovely ladies from JIC StarCube, I was headed to discover a new cool space in the city. A branch of the Impact Hub network is situated in a old industrial building. But, once you…


#StartUpSelfie #32

Seems like up till now, mainly I’ve been exploring startup communities in capital cities across Europe. Because there the ‘action’ happens and usually other cities are not as active on the startup map. But, I was really excited for my next journey, to a country I’ve never been before….


#StartUpSelfie #20

Spring is hereeeee as well as the second part of #StartUpSelfie with Franck Nouyrigat focusing on his work with the #MKstartups community, during the past two weeks. In the previous one Franck shared his story about #StartUpWeekend and his new startup recorp. I had the pleasure to…


#StartUpSelfie #16

Sauna, typical Finnish you can say… And what’s sauna got to do with startups? Well, in #StartUpSelfie #13 I’ve given you a hint about the one place that you must visit when in Helsinki. Since it was my first time in the city, I knew that…